Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hide From Hackers

You can't get hacked if your Windows XP PC can't be found

Remember this mantra: Hackers can't hack what they can't find. Watch today's show to find out how to put yourself under a hacker's radar.

Hackers often look for targets using ping sweeps with a tool such as NMap. When a computer responds to the ping sweep, it's identified and becomes a potential target.

Protect yourself by disallowing pinging, or ICMP requests. When a hacker sends a "are you alive" ping sweep, your computer acts like it's turned off. You're hiding your PC.

XP on the downlow

Easily disallow ICMP requests with Windows XP.

Open the XP Control Panel.

Open Network and Internet Connections.

Launch Network Connections.

Right-click the device you're using to connect to the Internet. Select Properties.

Select the Advanced Tab.

Turn on the Internet Connection Firewall. You'll see a Settings button in the lower right corner. Click it.

Choose the ICMP tab and uncheck all the marked boxes (if any are checked). Choose OK.

Select OK and exit out.

Have a friend fire up a free copy of NMap for Windows and try to ping sweep your machine.

Download NMap for Windows

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