Friday, September 21, 2007

Rosli, only 10 days left to win an iPod!


You only have 10 days left to enter for your chance to win a brand-new 16 GB iPod Touch!

Not to mention earn easy $35 monthly commissions promoting...

Our $2.95 trial of the Web's most powerful
online marketing community,
The Internet Entrepreneur Club!

Just do the math... for every customer who stays in the Club for 12 months, you'll earn an incredible $420 a YEAR!
Special Affiliate Update for September, 2007

The Internet Marketing Center

Dear Rosli,

Since we announced the promotion of "Version 2.0" of our exclusive members-only marketing community, The Internet Entrepreneur Club, our sales have been off the hook!

It seems like A LOT of people are eager to "join The Club" and enjoy the privileges of full membership.

(And our 2.0 version of the Club offers even MORE value for members -- such as free online training videos, lots of free and heavily discounted website tools, and even MORE late-breaking industry news that serious online marketers need to know.)

A number of affiliates have contacted me personally to say they're finding the $2.95 "Club" trial to be a particularly easy sell...

Their customers are jumping at the chance to run their websites and business ideas past a team of professional online marketers who will give them a full "critique" and tell them what they need to do to improve their sales or turn their dream business into reality.

So if you haven't started promoting this popular trial membership opportunity to your customers, it's time to get cracking!

Remember, in addition to getting personalized advice from my team of experts, your customers will also receive...
  1. A monthly 60-75 minute strategic planning session with me, in which I'll give them the inside scoop on my latest market research.

  2. Access to interviews with industry experts and success stories making HUGE six- and seven-figure incomes (such as John Assaraf, one of the experts featured in the hit film and book, "The Secret!")

  3. Monthly training videos showing how to implement the latest proven online marketing strategies

  4. Tons of free and heavily discount resources that will help your customers get their businesses operating at "peak capacity" in record time

  5. The opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, get their candid opinions, and establish valuable business partnerships.

  6. A CD recording of the latest conference call -- so they never have to worry about missing a single call.

  7. My private "Industry Update Newsletter," mailed straight to their doorstep each month, containing all the latest Internet marketing news savvy entrepreneurs need to know in order to stay ahead of the competition.
It really is simple to earn up to $420 a year in commissions. All you need to do is send your subscribers one of the two professionally written "copy & paste" email promotions you'll be receiving from me in a SECOND email very shortly.

And to make it even EASIER, we ALSO have a whole suite of free promotional tools in your resource center -- from banner ads to product reviews and MORE -- that you can use to promote the Club.

But remember...

Our "win an iPod Touch" contest will end on
September 30th at midnight PST!

win your own iPod touch!
For every customer you send us, you will earn a ticket for a draw to win one of two brand-new 16GB iPod Touch portable music and video players!

(We want to celebrate "The Club's" sleek new user interface by giving away another product famous for its user-friendly interface!)

So make sure you promote the heck out of this offer before then, because the more sales you help us make, the greater your chances are of winning.

So if you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to earn huge commissions -- and win a revolutionary new portable music and video player -- you need to start your promotion NOW!

And of course, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call 1-800-595-9855. We'd be happy to hear from you!

Wishing you success!

Derek Gehl, CEO
The Internet Marketing Center

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